Trial and error

Today I would like to make a pause and nurture one thought that has been in my mind lately. This thought has completely wrecked my way of thinking that has been developing my whole life.  Luckily.

Recently I’ve come to a very important conclusion: due to our education and society around us, we are taught that mistakes are a bad thing. Ever since young age, we are guilt-tripped and punished for spilling the milk, for making spelling mistakes and for choosing to study arts instead of medicine.

All this has resulted in general passivity of the whole society and generations who are so afraid of failure, that they opt for doing nothing

Is that in any way better than making an error? Is being passive a solution for anything? Things are so obvious, but we are still choosing to be blind-folded.

Even me; I was thinking about starting to write or vlog, but was afraid it won’t be good enough. Maybe others won’t like it? Now I am realizing that it is important that  I like it. Everything else is just extra, but I cannot let it define me and stop me from doing something.


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This disease is spreading rapidly among businesspeople and entrepreneurs. In southeast and eastern Europe we don’t have enough risk-takers. People are educated in economy and may even have good starting-off points, but are too afraid. What if they fail?

I say, embrace it! Thank God for it! Learn from it. Because you cannot do it otherwise. I blame our education and the whole authoritative society for being so hard on us. So what if I make  a mistake? Next time I will know better. And yes,  there will be next time.

But there will also be a new and improved me.

Because I tried, I failed and I learned a lesson.

How else to do it?

So, c’mon! Make that mistake you’ve been thinking about lately! Give the others a reason to comment on your careless attitude and engaging in risky business! It will all be worth it.

In the end, who knows? Maybe you even succeed. But don’t let it be your primary goal:

we are here to learn.

And more thing I want you to think about today. Just a minute ago it dawned on me:

I will try to do things my way.

My best bet will be on myself.



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