In this post I will try to share my experience of the last two weeks spent in Belgrade, or in local language: Beograd, the capital city of Serbia.

There are though a few things about how I travel that I want to clear up in the beginning:

I am not a tourist.

Or at least, I try not to be. I am a traveler.

You will rarely find me roaming the third museum in a row or desperately taking pictures of churches which all look alike. I even stopped taking my semiprofessional camera with me so I can travel as lightly as possible.

Nowadays I take all the photos with my LG G2 phone and I am quite content with their quality. Also, I don’t like to be online that much, I see traveling as digital-detox days. I barely even write, though I think about it a lot.

What do I do then?

I like to explore on my own. Get lost in the city, drink coffee and observe people. Listen to street musicians. Enjoy local food.

If you are like me, Belgrade is a perfect city for this kind of traveling.


In “Knez Mihajlova” street

It is not a city of great architectural wonders, nor the place of great historic importance. But it surely is a city of fun. If you are young and looking for adventure, this is definitely a city for you.

The streets in the centre of the city are story-telling. European-like. Just plain pretty.

Corners are filled with local fast food stores and the city is a perfect place for overindulging meat lovers. If you are crazy about tasty, greasy fast food, look no further.

If you are into partying, you have come to the right place as well.
Clubs are big, modern and prices are of European standards. It is not exactly cheap: a drink in the club is between 5 and 10 euro, which is crazy considering that average monthly salary in Serbia is around 300 euro! I often wondered how people manage to keep any kind of standard with these conditions. Maybe that’s why there aren’t that many smiling faces, except on younger people.

However, if you are walking through the central street, “Knez Mihajlova”, you will notice fashionable coffee shops, mainstream but also high couture clothing stores and people who pay a lot of attention to their looks. Seriously, everyone looks amazing! Like there is some kind of beauty competition every day.

Here are some photos of Belgrade to get the impression of the city vibes:

20150513_170636-1 20150518_195353 20150518_200014

Hopefully you managed to get the glimpse of what walking through Belgrade feels like. For me it is like eating an ice cream with many, many different sprinkles: sweet and full of surprises.



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