Bled and Bohinj

Besides going to Ljubljana, little Slovenian capital, people are often choosing Bled and Bohinj as interesting vacation spots and weekend getaways.

When going to Bled and Bohinj, one must understand that it is a different type of travel  – it aims to attract the nature-lovers and the fans of active vacation. Since I am not that into trekking and mountain-climbing, it was one of the rare trips  where I went only to see natural wonders. One of the best decisions I have made lately.


The view.

To introduce, Bled and Bohinj are two beautiful lakes who attract tourists from all over the globe (really, I don’t think I’ve heard Slovenian language on the streets, only foreign ones). Lake Bled is very special because it has a tiny island in its centre and together with a castle on a mountain looks like some fairytale setting.



Bohinj is quite close to Bled and is perfect if you are into hiking. I didn’t feel brave enough to go to the top (estimated 3 hours of climbing) so I choose the milder route which leads to little creek, Savica. Definitely worth climbing.


Savica creek.

This type of excursion has brought a plenty of inspiration for me and really helped me clear my mind. When spending all your days in the city, especially one with not that many green areas, you tend to feel disconnected with nature.

You don’t even realize how much you need to step away, leave out your electronics and just breath it all in.

To me every time I go somewhere, I learn something new about me. I rediscover pieces of me I forgot I have, but also I keep on rebuilding myself, adding new sparkle to rusty edges. You need to feel free, at least for those few days so you can reconnect with yourself, but also with something higher.


To all the future visitors, I would definitely recommend going for a stroll around a lake or as I did: sit on a bench near the ducks, write something in a notebook and just enjoy the view. It is worth every second of it.




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