La serenissima Venezia

So we could say that the tide is turning.

Traveling around through Northern Adriatic and Southeast Europe is leaving you a little bit unsatisfied? You wish to see something memorable, unique, breathtaking?

Well then, come on to a journey with me to Venice, a beautiful Italian city that has probably been written about for decades. For the same reason I won’t go into many facts, but will continue taking you on  a journey in my style: what moments could you collect in Venice?


Gondola ride through Venice. Photo taken with LG G2.

So far I have been there for three times, but I can honestly say that this time was the most special one for me. First two times I was with friends and it was really nice. However I thought to myself “this place is like a scenery for a romance waiting to happen.” There are some places which are like that, I heard the same about Paris. It is just so beautiful and special and full of little emotion-catchers that you want to share that with someone. And the channels make a best photo background 🙂 So my recommendation would be…take that special someone with you when you go to Venice 🙂


A couple getting married. LG G2.

Other thing I want to tell you is that it is harder to get that traveling vibe; there are so many tourists everywhere and everyone is treating you like a tourist which means they are overcharging you and trying to get you to spend as much money as possible…it is harder to be a traveler there because everything is already set out for tourists.

But if you manage to sit on the steps of Piazza St Marco, the most famous square, and see Asian tourists taking selfies, a couple getting married in the background, French artists painting with oil paint you will learn how to embrace all this mixture of people, feelings, sounds and it will leave you speechless. It somehow gives you a feeling of neverending quest for new experiences and just proves how life is getting more and more upgraded with every new second.


“Venice is like eating a whole box of chocolate liqeurs  at one go”, one novelist said. So far I am just wondering why are you reading this post instead of booking your next flight to Venice? 🙂




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