It feels strange to write about Stockholm when I am right now in a small cafe in Portugal, sipping my capuccino and enjoying the sun. It’s like wearing a winter scarf in July.
However I did promise to share my Swedish experience and I like to keep my promises.
It feels like it was hundred years ago, when in reality only a few weeks had passed…


Where things work as they supposed to. Of course that’s not written in stone, but it is shockingly accurate.

Architecture is amazing and polished, streets are vast and clean, people are friendly and helpful.

20151017_122324 20151018_143228

Okay, there is weather.
It is cold…but we knew that already. Just put on a sweater! Frankly I would accept the Swedish climate if every else would be Swedishly organized.

BTW let’s stop for a second and share about the Swedes. I heard people say Swedes are closed, unfriendly, cold people who don’t smile much.
I strongly disagree.
Every single person I met was kind  and tried their best to help while using their perfect English skills.
Oh and the esthetics!

I am sorry, but Swedish people are in my opinion among top three nationalities when it comes to the appearance.

Girls are like Barbie dolls with their blonde hair and their tall, slim figures. Boys look like they just jumped out of H&M catalogue. They have these trendy scarves, tailored coats and groomed hairstyles. I lost my glance far too many times 🙂

What else?
Oh yeah, everything is quite expensive. But you knew that already as well. Frankly I don’t see why is such a problem to pay 6 € for a coffee when you have an average salary of 4000 € per month. It is more shocking to pay 2 € for coffee in Croatia when you, if you are lucky, get 800€ per month.

So in conclusion:



  • Lifestyle
  • People
  • Social state
  • Esthetics of everything


  • weather
  • prices


Can I move there? 🙂


And you know, I don’t say that far only Amsterdam and Berlin made it to the list. Stockholm has just been added.




5 thoughts on “Stockholm

  1. I was in Stockholm recently, the first time I’ve ever been to Sweden. Looking at the photograph you have taken (the one looking towards that boat) I think you must have been close to where I stayed-on a boat that has been turned into a hostel. You are right-it was expensive, and beautiful too. Those young people you speak of made me feel old, and as though I was on a ‘dress down’ day!


  2. Sooo… Stockholm.
    I live here since 2014, and I can tell you that salary is around 2000€, not 4000; people are friendly if you are a total stranger (Swedish boys use to say – don’t trust a Swedish girl); yes, it is very cold, and very dark during the winter time. It is expensive, and for a country that is quite open to foreigners – I’ve experienced so much discrimination. One thing is for sure – it is beautiful to experience Stockholm as a tourist, if you live here – you might see the “darker” side…


    • I can’t argue with that because haven’t had an opportunity to spend more time there. However I had quite a good impression with my few days spent in this northern capital. Thank you for sharing your insight though, it is interesting to see foreigners’ point of view and their perception of this city.


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