Peniche diary, 1


Sometimes is hard to find your thoughts if you are every day looking at the same thing.

You need to go somewhere where your everyday tasks are done in a different way, where you eat different food and when you meet different people. All  that will eventually lead for you to think differently. You are unlocking a part of you which has been on autopilot for all these years and finally you are putting it in use.

What remains is what you will discover.

There is part of you you may never unveil if you don’t go away. You need to spend some time in nature and look at the birds flying above your head, watch the waves which are stronger than the ones at home because you are looking at the ocean, not the sea you are accustomed to, stare at colorful little houses and sense the strong wind which isn’t really bothering you because it is 25 degrees in November.

In short, if you are lost, stuck in a rut or you have a broken heart just go travel.

If you ask me, medical professional should be prescribing traveling for the moments where your mind gets clogged from every day worries, most of them which only exist in our mind.

I’ve been feeling very good for the past ten days in Portugal.

Peniche, where I live, is a very small city where I am discovering the joy of slow-paced, portuguese way of living. I’ve been studying portuguese language and enjoying an abundance of sweet pastry which can be bought on every corner.
Have a look at some photos of Peniche beach. And yes, I am wearing summer clothes because it feels like summer 🙂

_DSC0215  _DSC0310 _DSC0383

(Photos by Roma Djuric)



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