Lisbon: a summary

This city made me fall in love again. And I thought my heart is too overwhelmed with my recent travels 🙂  but seriously, this city has it all.

If you want a relaxed walk through the bohemian streets watching the colorful tiles, choose Alfama and forget about time and place. Just walk, walk, walk.

12231101_10206366780420780_337602308_n           _DSC0105

If you want to sense of a place crowded with many young people from everywhere you can have a drink in Bairro Alto.

Or if you just want to sit by the beach right in the city centre (!) you can do that as well.


All that with 25°C in November. OH!

The best advice I can give you when it comes to roaming the Lisbon streets is wear a pair of comfortable walking shoes! The seven hills of Lisbon are very steep and getting to its peaks is not that easy..but once you get there… ❤


One more important thing: it is so affordable! The prices are like in Croatia. Or in Northern Italy if that is easier to compare with. You can get coffee for little over  1 euro and a meal for barely 5€. I recommend Pastel de Nata as a must-try for anyone who likes sweet, milky deserts and for main course choose from a selection of fresh sea-food which is sold on every corner.

I think Lisbon is a perfect city for young people because it’s so colorful, affordable and international.

My special treat for you is to go and see “Feira da Ladra” a market where you can buy almost everything. Take a glimpse of the delicate, hand-painted ceramic tiles or buy genuine hand-made leather purses.


Oh and inside the market you can find a little tavern-style restaurant which is really a hidden gem: they offer pies (like quiches) that taste home-made, warm soups and traditional cakes. Everyone eats together and you really feel like you are in a Portuguese home. I enjoyed a pumpkin and chestnut pie and really felt like a local.




P.S. My Portuguese is improving! I can even order my food and buy clothes now, all in Portuguese.  What is all I really need for this month.

‘Till next time!

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