Zagreb: The Christmas advent

This year the Croatian capital has been voted for best European Christmas destination. The website  where people all over Europe can vote for their best Christmas destination voted Zagreb first, leaving popular destinations such as Vienna, Berlin and even Salzburg way behind.



Of course, as soon as I read this, I booked a bus ticket to see this winter fairytale wonder for myself. Well, I have to tell you that I loved it! Not only the Christmas lights are so sparkly and colorful, but there is a special setting called “Zagreb’s Christmas fairytale” with magical decorations depicting snowy forests. People are taking photos all around it:

The decorations are put all around the city centre. Christmas fair is set up on the main square, park Zrinjevac and on the way to the Up-Town. Markets which sell street food are filling the air with nice aromas. Everyone is buying cooked sausages (“kobasice“) with sour cabbage or hot, sweet traditional Croatian pastry -“fritule“. Hot wine is a must and it is so sweet and pleasantly spicy. You easily get carried away so be careful, it is still wine 😉

It is quite cold in Zagreb, I haven’t been living there after I finished my University and it seems I have completely lost my tolerance for cold weather: on +10°C I am already shaking and want to go home 🙂

However I feel that the sparkly Zagreb Christmas advent is worth visiting because the mixture of twinkle, aromas and even fog is creating a very special holiday atmosphere you wouldn’t want to miss. Streets are crowded with people which just proves that it is not cold as long you have good company…and a lot of hot wine 🙂


* Happy holidays!*


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