My trip to Milano* was completely random, following the series of crazy events and trips happening this year.

So I was in Belgrade for New Year and had to come to Milano in exactly one day. Doing that using the roads would be practically impossible (or a huge hassle) so I took the plane the next day (I will use this opportunity to thank AliItalia for once again being one of the worst European airlines with their bad organization and overall very improvized flights which almost cost me my flight to Milano). Transferring in Rome I noticed many exceptionally good-looking people going for Milano. Yup, we are approaching the city of fashion.


Of course, there were some problems with finding the luggage so me and three Serbian models were wondering around Milano Malpensa like lost puppies. Once I solved this I went Balkan style all over airport yelling „Ovdjeeeee suuuu“ to the Serbian beauties.
It was already quite late so I was worrying how safe it would be roaming the dark streets alone, especially after having a particularly nasty experience of being robbed in Italian capital more than a year ago. However, Milano doesn’t leave such an impression. City feels safe, I had no problems being lost there close to midnight. People are minding their own business, noone was approaching me with questions and offers and even the infamous Italian „Ciao bella“ was cut down to a minimum.

My first thought was “Milano is like Rome that works” 😀

Yeah, I know that Rome is so ancient, historical, blah blah…trust me, with all the tourists surrounding the sights you will barely have a chance to enjoy it fully. But Milano is another story:

it is a big city, yet well kept. Streets are clean, there is order and the city is multicultural and diverse. Also there are models all around to constantly remind you that you are in a fashion capital.


The prices are what they are – in the centre quite high, but overall bearable. Much more expensive than Lisbon, but still cheaper than Stockholm. Think 7 euros for a cappuccino in a city centre, but only 1.5 euro for a bus ticket. Priorities…


Just some deserts made out of deserts *.*

The most touristic point is well known Duomo Cathedral known for its architecture and Asian kids taking selfies outside of it. But when I take a selfie stick in Stockholm centre, I get laughs and pointing. Suits me right.


There is also sparkling Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II with brands like Prada, Guess and handsome men taking their photos outside and being all modelly. I took a photo in front of Luis Vuitton entrance with a caption „My kind of shopping spree“ and then put out the camera and left (I decided to buy a car with that money instead. When I would have that money. But who knows maybe then I would want a bag. Priorities…).


All in all had a great time, 5/5 would visit again (it was just me and my mum though).



** Disclaimer: I know that in English the name of the city is Milan but I am used to calling it its original name (Milano in Italian and Croatian)

3 thoughts on “Milano

  1. Ciao Tina, ti ricorderai di me, sono la ragazza che proprio quell’anno fa (piú o meno) ti aiutó il giorno del furto del tuo portafogli, a Roma. Mi è successa la stessa cosa circa una settimana fa, a Berlino e una volta tornata a casa ho ripensato a quella brutta mattinata del furto. In tutta onestá, avendo fatto insieme la denuncia, ho in qualche modo ricordato il tuo nome (e con molta difficoltá il tuo cognome) cosí ho provato a cercarti ed è stato carino trovare il tuo diario di viaggio in un blog! Comunque, volevo solo salutarti, sperando che ti sia ripresa, che vada tutto bene e che i ricordi della capitale non siano poi cosí brutti! 🙂


  2. I’m so sorry for the Alitalia service 😦 I lived in Milan for three years and I’ll come back there in few months, it’s a beautiful city but very chaotic. I loved this post, hope to see you soon! xx


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