Last April I went to celebrate a friend’s birthday on a beach. She said it was her dream to have a picnic-birthday party on a beach.

It was quite a warm day considering it was a beginning of April. I wore one of my comfiest clothes that still looked outside-appropriate (people tend to look down on wearing a PJ or sweatpants outside the house 🙂


I am wearing just a simple cropped T-shirt from H&M that says “You are a ketchup to my fries” 😀 Seemed like a cheerful thing to have so I had to get it. Also I am wearing a bunch of bracelets which I got in Korea for like a dollar each. Usually I don’t wear bracelets but my looks is becoming more boho as the summer approaches.


Also I am wearing some super fancy pants which I borrowed from my mum – they are actually stretchy and comfy which is a big PLUS (especially when going to the places where you expect to be having  loooots of food ). Comes in handy when you need to hide the food baby.


A beach where we went is kinda children-oriented so there is a playground which I happily played in. Look at me being all playful.


I also come in black and white:


Check my Instagram for more photos: @tinaugarkovic

also I made LookBook: http://lookbook.nu/ninetydegrees

All photos made by Guna Ludborža.

Location: Ičići, Opatija, Croatia




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