July diaries

Something a bit different today.

Inspired by the iconic sporty outfit featured in 90s teenage classic “Clueless“, I did a hommage to the Cher’s sporty uniform. The similar outfit was also featured by Iggy Azalea in her “Fancy” video.


“Clueless” (1995)

The photos were taken in front of the high-school to bring in that “too cool for school” vibe. The outfit is a spin on typical PE uniform: white T-shirt and shorts. I added a touch of KPOP with this “Boy-Girl” snapback. This head-accessory has been waiting for its spotlight from 2013 when I bought it on the streets of Seoul. I figure after this editorial it can go back to the closet 🙂

The outfit itself is monochromatic so I feel that black and white editorial suited it the most. Here is how it looks like IRL (feat. the sloppy feel to it to make it as casual as possible):


Location: Opatija, Croatia

Photographer: Guna Ludborža


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