Paris: a love letter

~To the city of light, the city of love, the city that welcomed me and the city I want to always come back to. 

I’ve always wanted to come to Paris with a boy I’m in love with. Paris is notoriously known as a “city of love” and thus it seemed strange to go just by myself. I developed this fantasy of a fairytale romance in Paris and therefore  avoided  going there for quite a long time with the thoughts that “it is still not right”.

This February I completely changed this perception to my own good. Living in Brussels and being just few hours away from French capital seemed like a constant tease. Finally I had some days off before leaving Belgium and  I decided to go to the city of Love with the best company I could think of: my own.


I’ ve found it also an ultimate test of my French language skills as, unlike Belgium where one can still find English speakers, in France anything else than French is simply – obsolete. Bon voyage!

I spent a first day browsing around Montmartre and having a vivid and colorful art lesson. All the artists in the square painting and drawing beautiful pieces and offering to paint me for “un prix special” because I am “tres jolie“. Hahah what a fun afternoon!

I also wanted to visit the so-called  “Le mur des je’t aime” – “The wall of love” where beautiful words are written in many languages. As expected, it was a real hit with tourists and it was almost impossible to have your picture taken with so many couples wanting to capture their own “I love yous” with the wall as a background of their romantic scenery.


As this was a solo-romantic trip, and Valentine’s day was just around the corner, I decided to treat myself as I would want to be treated by a partner: I took myself to beautiful lunches, walked the most romantic avenues and even bought myself perfume (its name is Poison girl so I couldn’t resist:) ).

Enjoyed every dessert I would lay my eyes on and every patisserie that would get in my way. Now that is a true romance! 🙂

The second day I met some lovely Asian girls and had a full day of adventures with them all around the main sights: Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Champs Élysées and other pretty points of interest.

Paris exceeded all my expectations.

I didn’t even mind the rain; I enjoyed every second, every moment and every glance at this beautiful city. It is true what they say that one must be able to feel love if he wishes to search for it. The ambient and the energy of the city raised feelings in me and I realized how much love I have for everyone, for life, for the world.

I cannot wait to come back!

Au Revoir,


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