Things to do in Treviso, Italy

Verona, Venice, Jesolo…the places around are well known and frequently visited. For me that summarized this region. Yet this weekend I discovered a little gem that completely surprised and inspired me: the city of Treviso. Only 30 minutes from Venice, this city with less than 100 000 inhabitants hides its Renaissance squares, frescoed churches and cobbled streets.

Here is how you can spend a day in this little Italian city:

1.Start your day with amazing Italian coffee and croissant (which they call “brioche”). Fun fact I learned: ordering a capuccino after 10.30 is frowned upon as a real Italian would never do it. Around 12 is already a time for aperitivo, so try a Spritz instead of your foam-decorated coffee.


Capuccino and pistacio-filled brioche

2. Catch pretty architectural sights: check

2.  Find “Italianità” : check

3. Pose in front of the Roman pillars while wearing Italian fashion : ohh check!

4. Find a blend of modern and traditional: check

9 edited

5. Have some Italian food in the local restaurant: of course, I choose pasta

5 edited

6. Enjoy Italian gelato: multiple times check; I recommend “fior di latte”


I hope you enjoyed this little virtual trip to Italy,

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3 thoughts on “Things to do in Treviso, Italy

  1. It is also recognized as a city of arts. Not only because of its elegant architecture, but also and most importantly for its cultural offer all year around, with important art exhibitions taking place in the fascinating historical center 🙂


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