5 things to do in Budapest

Statistics (made up by me 🙂 ) say that most of the people visit Hungarian capital for a weekend. Well, at least I know with certainty that this is truth for the people in my area: you take a train from Zagreb and voila, 5 hours later there you are.

So what to do for this 2-3 days? I got you!

  1. Climb to the Buda hill and enjoy spectacular Fisherman’s Bastion. Frankly, it is in the top five of all sights I have seen in my life, second only to Paris’ Basilica Sacré-Cœur. Not to miss!
  2. Enjoy Hungarian goulash

    If you enjoy savoury, hot and spicy meat dishes – goulash is something for you. Made with cooked beef and special kind of noodles, goulash is served with a lot of Hungarian paprika which is definitely the spiciest one I have tasted. Love it!
  3. Enjoy a drink in Vaci street and spend few hours just people watching.

    Other than international coffee shops, one can of course find numerous bars which serve wine and palinka, traditional Hungarian spirit which are a must so enjoy “a quick one” and take “kurtos kalacs” to go – a street food delicacy shaped as a chimney and covered in sugar.
  4. Search for some traditional Hungarian souvenirs: they are famous for their table cloths, which remind me of the ones we would see in grandmas houses.  For those who enjoy shopping: Fashion street embodies many cool places. H&M in Budapest is the biggest one I have seen so far, including the ones in Sweden and South Korea!
  5. Take photos of Hungarian Parliament: of it, of you in front of it, of you laying on the grass in front of it (don’t do the last one, it’s a joke).

    ‘Till next time,


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